Who We Are

The Journeymen Podcast started out as two friends who grew up together, Steve Brennan and Bryan McCabe, talking about everything from tech news to sports and cracking jokes to living as a Christian man. As they continued to record episodes, Tony LaMarca began to stop in frequently as a guest and eventually joined them as a host himself.

After 20 episodes, it was time to take a break as it was getting difficult to schedule time together and the guys needed a season to reevaluate the show and how it fit into their lives. As discussions popped up about the podcast, it was decided that they would start recording again in January.

It wasn’t long before the journeymen decided to put the podcast on hold indefinitely. After more than a year with no new content posted, Tony started up the conversation about the podcast again. While the conversations didn’t go very far with Steve and Bryan, a new journeyman was excited at the chance to start up the podcast again.

That brings us to Season 3. The Journeymen cast is now completely different than when it first started, but the purpose is the same. Tony LaMarca and Ted Deitrick are the journeymen, discussing everything that they come across in the journey of the Christian man.