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Episode 45

Romans 8:37-39. If you add all the digits together, it equals 45. Gun control and executive orders. Ted like the Care Bears. Tony shares some from his Spiritual Retreat, and would rather say he was on attack than on retreat. The guys pull from the audience requests and talk about stepping out and trusting God. The enemy has already been defeated, he just didn’t get the memo.

This sermon series is one that should not be missed. The elephant in the room is that thing that no one wants to talk about, but it needs to be discussed. Thank you Pastor Scott for preaching the truth in love and with grace.

Episode 44

Congress is less popular than Cockroaches? The guys talk about popularity and their thoughts on being popular. Tony prepares for his spiritual retreat. Ted shares scripture from Genesis 22:9-12. Nada Surf and the Teenage Guide To Popularity are also parts of the conversation.

Episode 43

It’s a brand new year. Tony shares his theme songs for 2012 and 2013. Ted tries narrow it down to one song. The guys talk about the power of prayer and praying for others. Tony shares another tip for winter. The plan for the coming week is to build an elephant. They guys also share their top 5 memories from 2012.

Episode 42

The guys enjoyed Christmas and are still enjoying their time off. The NRA responds to Newtown. Pittsburgh gets snowed in. Tony’s tips for winter driving. New Year’s plans and resolutions. Ted wants to go scuba diving in ice cold water. Tony is getting ready for his mancation/spiritual retreat.