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September 25, 2020  

Episode 9: Honey, I Punctured His Lung!

Join us this week as we take a look at some of the recent notable sporting stories, make some rogue predictions about the current Premier League season, and it's Deano's turn to host the cheeky quiz. Will Sampson finally get off the mark?

September 15, 2020  

Episode 8: Can Anyone Feel A Draft?

Better late than never, the long-awaited episode 8 has arrived! We check in on the NBA and NHL post-season, talk about some of our favourite sporting social media mishaps and our feature this week is highlights of our live NFL fantasy draft. 

If you enjoy 3 under-qualified guys talking sports, you're bound to enjoy this episode because there's 10 of us!

August 25, 2020  

Episode 7: Let Me Be Your Fantasy

If you're into your fantasy sports, this is the episode for you! We talk about our shared love of fantasy and release details of our upcoming exclusive podcast fantasy NFL league. 

Episode 7 also sees the return of the cheeky quiz as Deano and Sandle go head-to-head in a game of sporting Mastermind.

August 7, 2020  

Episode 6: Hero To Zero

After a brief break, it's time for Episode 6! Join us as we talk notable sporting achievements, recap the restart of the NHL and NBA, and discuss our own team's most hated traitors. 

Spoiler Alert: If you're a fan of Michael Owen, this episode might not be for you.

July 22, 2020  

Episode 5: Defending The Indefensible

Luke, Luke and Deano break down sports ownership across the globe, defend some outrageous notions, and tackle another quiz, with Samps and Deano looking to get on the board!

July 12, 2020  

Episode 4: The Comedy Of Errors

In Episode 4, to The Other Luke's complete surprise and dismay, we talk about the worst sporting movies of all time. We also explore some more of the differences between how sport works in North America and Europe as well as taking an early look at the return of the NHL and NBA.

July 1, 2020  

Episode 3: A Rough Draft

Our steps into the unknown realms of Sports Podcasting takes us to Episode 3 where we discuss the end to Liverpool's 30 years of "hurt", we take a deep dive into the wonders of the North American draft system, and Deano puts the two Lukes to test in a cheeky quiz.

June 24, 2020  

Episode 2: From Bad To Worse

They said it wouldn't happen, but we made it to Episode 2! 

Join Luke, Deano and The Other Luke as we discuss the first round of Premier League games since lockdown, our own sporting "achievements", what we make of the NFL, and we put together the worst England XI of the 21st century.

June 16, 2020  

Episode 1: A New Beginning

Join us as our journey into the world of sports podcasting begins! 

We discuss all things from our own ineptitude, the return of the Premier League and the wonders of the North American sports' draft system.

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